Plant Science, Textile and Design

The department offers two programs, a 2-year Diploma program in Plant Science and a 4-year Bachelor


of Science program in Plant Science.

The department is renowned for its high academic standard with experienced academic staff who deliver excellence in organic agriculture and modern technology to produce skilled graduates deeply rooted moral integrity and sense of ethics. The department conducts research to generate knowledge and provides academic services to the community, thus contributing to social development. Many publications have been produced and disseminated as part of responsibility to serve the community.

This course also expands the student’s knowledge, comprehension of the core concepts, develops skills and provides hands-on experiences in subjects directly related to plants and their natural environment.

Field based activities and courses have significantly improved the effectiveness of this study program. Learning outcomes of the degree in Plant Sciences offer career opportunities in biodiversity related projects, forestry and forest based industries, plant research institutes and botanic gardens, academic and agricultural services and scope for further studies in high education institutions nationally and internationally.

Landscape Technology

The department offers a Diploma program in Landscape Technology (2 years) and Bachelor of Science program in Landscape Technology (4 years).

The landscape technology program includes elements of design and environmental integration. The landscape technology program imparts students the basic skills and knowledge required to enter the profession in the public or the private sectors. The course emphasizes physical landscaping and planning in both, the natural and urban environments. The department participates in an interdisciplinary land-use planning, management, and design program. The student will gain theoretical and practical skills. The department encourages students to participate in vocational skill competitions and part-time jobs related to their skills.

Landscapers and horticulturists perform a wide variety of jobs including the design of new landscapes, landscape and irrigation installation, landscape maintenance, tree care, golf course work and sales. Graduates may become owners of their landscape enterprises. Landscapers usually work outdoors in all types of weather. In addition, graduates can work for university and government as well as further study in higher education institutions in urban planning, landscape architecture or other related-fields.

Textile and Design

This course offers one program in Bachelor of Textile Technology and Design (4 years).

                      We are specialised in professional education in textile and design technology leading to formation of high quality of graduates, integrating art, culture and technology. Traditional fabric, Thai silk, is an inspiration. The techniques taught to students include the production of block printed, tie dyed and embroidered textiles. They have been incorporated into contemporary designs for the Cultural Textiles Exhibition.

The graduates gain knowledge in textile and design. Such knowledge can be effectively applied in specialized industries and offers scope for a promising career.

Our graduates enjoy a wide variety of careers throughout the textile and fashion supply chain, including prospects for further studies abroad.



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