Department of Sciences and Mathematics

The study of Sciences and Mathematics is available as a professional program namely Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (4 years).

This course focuses on the formation of a professional chemist. Students will gain the knowledge and ability to analyze the quality of the material, monitor products in the chemical industry, will gain expertise in science and technology as well as in the use of scientific instruments. The department offers this course for students interested in getting experience in experimental methods taught at a university level, leading to a future career in research and development in the industrial environment.

Student-center learning is considered as a priority key for this course. Student will acquire both, theoretical basis and practical skills. Those will include inquisitive analytical mind and good powers of observation. These skills are developed during this degree programs and are required for positions in research and development, manufacturing and processing, and chemical analysis laboratory. Together, these skills will promote and cultivate the virtue of ethics as well as student’s personality development.

A degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry opens up a wealth of career opportunities such as academic/researcher, lecturer, chemist, technician for a variety of industries (e.g. petroleum, colour, glue, textile, cosmetics, electronics) and sales representative.


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