Department of Mechanical Engineering

There are three programs offered by the department, Diploma in Mechanics (2 years), Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (4 years) and Bachelor of Industrial Technology Program in  Mechanical Technology) (Continuing Program).

The courses are conducted by professional academic staff involving high standard of laboratory and instruments. The international and national publications have been produced by our staff. This course combines the classroom learning with engineering practice. Our graduates will gain engineering skills required to obtain leading positions in advanced technology fields. Students also gain valuable hands-on experience through class projects and application-oriented research. Each project is based on a corporate model that provides students significant opportunities for leadership development and empirical learning.

A broad spectrum of subjects includes thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, machinery mechanics, mechanical vibrations, automatic control, Refrigeration and Air conditioning, Internal combustion engine, Automative Engineering, Power Plant Engineering,  Analysis and Design of Machine Elements as well as Energy Conservation and Management

The career opportunities for the graduates are various including postgraduate studies in nine universities of Rajamangala around Thailand. Graduates who obtained a Diploma in Mechanics can work for industries especially in charge of the development of industry design co-ordinator, operator, engineer and technician and Maintenance and Repair related Industrial Management.

The graduates with a degree of Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering can work as a design engineer, Automotive engineer, aerospace engineer, thermal energy engineer, mechanical design and control systems engineer, hydraulic pneumatic and PLC and instrumentation engineer, etc.


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