Department of Agro-Industry

The study of Food Science and Technology is available within a 4-year professional program, the Bachelor of Science (Food Science and Technology) and within a 2-year Diploma of Food Technology program.

This course involves the understanding of basic sciences and the application of this knowledge to foods starting from the point of production, through handling, processing, preservation, distribution and marketing, up to consumption and utilisation by consumers. It is focusing on food commodities, food processing, food engineering, food chemistry, food composition and food quality (including sensory properties, safety and nutritional properties).

The food scientist and food technologist are dealing with food supplies and requirements, community wants and needs, and equitable distribution of foods to ensure that human nutritional needs are met. Graduates find employment within the food industry (e.g. QC, QA), the public sector, education, research, the food service industry, public health, management and marketing, as health and environmental scientists and dieticians.


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